Looking for a final piece of your degree puzzle?

The programme is your unforgettable voyage to Turku, Finland. Your two-year mission: to explore the unique culture and nature, to experience snowy winters, pleasantly warm summers and colourful spring and autumn, to seek out new friends and new colleagues, to boldly go where so many has gone before. Take the first step by reading through these pages and another one by applying to our master's degree programme in Embedded Computing.

The programme is located at the University of Turku, Department of the Information Technology, Laboratory of Embedded Computer Systems. Our laboratory also participates in collaboration with several European leading technical universities in the EIT Digital Master School. Our laboratory hosts Embedded Systems major's Energy Efficient Computing specialisation track in the EIT ICT Labs Master's Programme.

Admitted Applicants

Below you find the list of the admitted applicants to the Master's Degree Programme in Embedded Computing:

EC admission 2016


The master’s degree programme in Embedded Computing is a co-operation between the University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University. An applicant is allowed to apply to both of or either of the universities within the programme...

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The goal of the programme is to impart education on embedded system design and modelling. The field is vast covering both hardware and software aspects. A student will obtain a firm foundation to design, model and implement embedded systems. To master the development process, a student will have an understanding...

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The final seat of learning. To discover more of the universities behind the programme, read the information provided in these pages. To discover more and to be part of the ambitious, research-led university, the University of Turku, you should boldly apply for our master's degree programme...

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Studying in Finland

At present, Finnish universities charge no tuition fees. However, students have to pay for their housing and living expenses...

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The Master’s degree programme in Embedded Computing consists of mandatory and optional courses offered by the University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University...

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People behind the scenes ...

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